REEP Equity, our investment arm, currently serves to acquire existing properties, raise capital, obtain optimal sources of debt financing, and provide excellent investor services.  We focus on investment opportunities in a range of multi-family real estate properties for individual investors.  We are keenly focused on the investment objectives and goals of our investors, lenders, and partners.

Our Investment Philosophy

REEP Equity was founded on the belief that an asset's value is created at the point of purchase through sound underwriting and proper debt structure. It is enhanced by meeting return objectives through effective rehab, property management and is maximized at the point of sale at an opportune time.


REEP Equity's search and acquisitions teams have a steady pipeline of projects, including apartment rehabilitation and repositioning of existing properties.  We remain actively engaged in both lines of work as we grow the REEP Equity's portfolio throughout Central and South Texas with focused efforts in the MSA'a of San Antonio, Houston, Corpus Christi, and Dallas.


Each of REEP Equity's projects presents an opportunity to work with top-notch lenders, investors and joint-venture partners, including the following:

  • Equity Investors – working with both individual investors, REEP Equity has invested successfully in many multi-family properties representing hundreds of apartments. 
  • Lenders – REEP Equity has an ongoing and very strong lender relationship with providers of construction, permanent, and bridge loan financing from both the private and public-sectors, including Fannie Mae lenders and investment bankers.

INVESTOR Relations

Investors Relations is a primary and critical aspect of asset management. We train our people to communicate with investors timely, professionally, and effectively. 

TRANSPARENCY – REEP Equity's culture and investor relations philosophy centers on transparency to investors and on providing investors with the highest level of professionalism and service.

PROPERTY WEBPAGE – Each property has its own webpage where owners can log in and find pictures, basic ownership facts and property information.

REPORTING - We provide unmatched detailed reporting on operations, events, activities, and the performance of each property.

ACCESSIBILITY – Our Principals are readily accessible and responsive to our investors.

DISTRIBUTIONS – We present an assessment of distributions and guidance on future performance.

MARKET INFORMATION – We offer analyses on the specific and general market and on the effect of economic conditions.

PAPER COPIES – We deliver hard copies of reports and make phone calls to investors without computers or access to the Internet.

Please contact Jacob Garza at if you would like to invest with REEP Equity.